We help clients leverage diversity to create inclusive cultures of high performance. We provide consulting services in:
R.I.C.H. Dialogues™
Increase individual skills relating to influencing stakeholders about the importance that race, identity, culture and heritage have on behaviors and an individual’s sense of belonging
Explore the diversity narrative of individuals and identify how it relates to being an inclusive leader
Increase an individuals level of comfort and confidence in navigating complex topics relating to race, identity, culture and heritage
Understand the impact social conditioning has on how a person ‘shows up’ and responds during times of stress and social unrest
Learn how to use the R.I.C.H. Dialogues™ tool to increase leadership effectiveness, to improve relations within teams and drive a team based culture of inclusion
Workforce Training Design and Delivery
Enterprise Strategy and Infrastructure Design
Council Design and Implementation
Employee Resource Groups
Reporting and Metrics
Cultural Assessments
Focus Groups
Multi-Cultural Coaching and Mentoring
Enterprise Collateral
Talent Selection and Succession Planning
Recruiting and Retention Strategy and Infrastructure
Train the Trainer Curriculum Design and Delivery