This program takes traditional concepts of change management and integrates the idea of leading through change, to help advance self, team and business. Finding your rhythm for change requires advanced level skill in several domains including inspiring others and motivation. The primary objectives include:

• Understanding the shift in thinking required to successfully lead through change
• Understand how leaders can be present and engaged in the change process
• Consider the leader’s behavioral accountability in developing an agile workforce
and excelling through ambiguity
• Understanding the power of being an emotionally competent change agent
• Learning how create proactive strategies for overcoming your own resistance
• Learning how to become confident and empowered in the change process rather
than victimized by it.

Finding your Rhythm through Change uses music as an experiential metaphor for successfully manging through change. Musical success can be reached with one great song or performance, but to sustain success, you must pay attention to your environment and your collaborators to create music that resonates over an arc of time. We all have songs, musicians, bands or genres that resonate on an individual level
and we can use some of those transferable skills to create a mental model as we continue to lead through an ever-changing environment.

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Reggie Butler is a seasoned educator, trainer, and inclusion champion. He has spent the past 28 years consulting corporations on human capital performance management.

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