The world and the people that inhabit it need to stop shying away from things that make them uncomfortable. Nothing will change and nothing will get better if that continues to happen. And change does need to happen.

Something has got to give; the idea that there is one race better than every other race because their skin color is lighter is ridiculous. Everyone is equal and everyone should be considered equal. It would not only make our world a much better place, but it is what everyone deserves—a chance to feel loved and deserved by those around them instead of hated and judged, because they are slightly different from the majority.

It can be done and while yes, it might take a couple of years to really see some great change but it is something that would be so pivotal for the future. That change has already begun, and I am so happy to see it, but I would love to see that change happen even more.

It would give me some better hope for the future, because right now I am scared that even doing the right thing will get me killed, and that is something that no one should have to be scared of. No one should have to fear for their lives, because they are black, Hispanic, white or anything for that matter.

We need to change and change starts now.